Musikforeningen Loppen

Sydområdet 4b, 1. sal

DK-1440 København K.




Phone: + 45 32578422  


Venue specifications:

Stage: W: 8.2 m, D: 3.5 m, H: 0.3 m.

Ceiling: 2.7 m.

Parking: Capacity for bus/night liner close to venue (power available 16 A).

Load in: Elevator at venue.

Capacity: 400.

We do not have any inhouse backline, all backline requirements have to be advanced with the promoter.



Get-in bands: 15.00 hours (please let venue know if you will be arriving earlier).

Soundcheck: 15.00 (or earlier: let venue know) – 18.30 hours (soundcheck must finish 18.30 sharp!!!).

Doors: Sunday - Thursday 20.30 / Friday - Saturday 21:00  hours.

Show start: Approximately 1 hour after doors open

Show end: Sunday – Thursday latest 01.30 hours / Friday – Saturday latest 02.30 hours.

Venue closes: Sunday – Thursday latest 02.00 hours / Friday – Saturday latest 03.00 hours.

Load-out bands: One hour after last show. No overnight storage facilities. 



Backstage: Nice quiet lounge/dressing room area with own fridge.

Toilets: Yes, 2.

Shower: Yes, 2.